Presentations, Videos and Podcasts

Keith Flaherty, M.D.: Deep dive into cancer—History of oncology, novel approaches to treatment, and the exciting and hopeful future. The Drive podcast by Peter Attia (2019).

Real-world Evidence – Future Directions. Presentation by Mark Shapiro for the American Association for Cancer Research (2019).

Perpetual Clinical Trials. Presentation by Mika Newton for the Next Generation Dx Summit (2019).

How AI Will Cure Cancer. Presentation by Marty Tenenbaum at PMWC (2018).

What Efficient Clinical Science Could Look Like. Presentation by Jeff Shrager at Harvard Clinical Trial Ethics Discussion Group (2018).

Forget Moonshots. Biomedicine Needs an Air Traffic Control System. Presentation by Jeff Shrager at SF State University Personalized Medicine 11.0 Conference (2018).

Global Cumulative Treatment Analysis (GCTA) (2017).

Lung cancer living room. Conversation with Marty Tenenbaum (2014).

Published articles

Is Cancer Solvable? Towards Efficient and Ethical Biomedical Science. In the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (2019).

Prototyping a precision oncology 3.0 rapid learning platform. In BMC Bioinformatics (2018).

Forget Moonshots: Biomedicine Needs an Air Traffic Control System. In the Lundberg Institute Blog (2017).

Paths to Precision Medicine. In the Journal of Precision Medicine (2015).

Rapid learning for precision oncology. In Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology (2014).

Theoretical Issues for Global Cumulative Treatment Analysis (GCTA). In arXiv (2013).

A novel classification of lung cancer into molecular subtypes. In PLOS One (2012).

Cancer: A Computational Disease that AI Can Cure. In AI Magazine (2011)

A melanoma molecular disease model. In PLOS One (2011).

Selected Relevant Research

Individualized Screening Trial of Innovative Glioblastoma Therapy (INSIGhT): A Bayesian Adaptive Platform Trial to Develop Precision Medicines for Patients With Glioblastoma. In JCO Precision Oncology (2019).