Accelerating Cancer Research. Improving Patient Outcomes. Transforming Oncology.

Always on, always learning, our AI-based precision oncology platform captures Real World Evidence that slashes drug development time and saves lives.

    The xcures Transformation_

    The Problem_

    Clinical Research in
    Oncology is in Crisis

    Clinical trials
    take too long
    They cost too
    There aren’t
    enough patients
    New treatments
    are delayed
    Patients die

    The solution_

    xCures has an AI-based Platform
    to Run Perpetual Trials

    Creating Real World
    Evidence (RWE)
    Continuously learning from
    every patient's experience
    For all patients on all
    treatments, all the time

    The Impact_

    Better treatment decisions Better treatment decisions


    Access to medications Access to medications
    Superior outcomes Superior outcomes
    Real World Evidence Real World Evidence
    Fewer patients Fewer patients

    Pharmaceuticals Companies

    Exponentially more efficicient Exponentially more efficicient
    Proof it works Proof it works


    Expert insights Expert insights
    Access to patients Access to patients