How it works_

The convergence of genomics, precision medicine, and AI have created an unprecedented moment in the world of oncology. But the drug-centric way in which treatments are developed and the haphazard way in which knowledge about those treatments is captured and shared does not serve patients well. xCures is changing that, with an AI-based precision oncology platform that tightly integrates cancer research and care.

Capturing Real World Evidence

The xCures platform runs a perpetual trial that captures Real World Evidence (RWE) to continuously learn from all patients, on all treatments, all the time. It coordinates treatment recommendations across all patients and institutions to match patients with treatments that work.

And it packages RWE for use by stakeholders across the field of oncology, slashing the time and cost of drug development and saving lives.

Continuously Learning

The xCures platform employs a combination of AI and expert collective intelligence. Using AI, the platform develops treatment options for a patient based on recommendations made for similar cases. Experts on a Virtual Tumor Board rank these options for the current case and provide the options to the patient’s physician, who has the final say.

Real World Evidence, including treatment decisions, rationales, and outcomes, are captured for all patients, to drive learning.

For All Patients on All Treatments

Instead of siloed trials, each testing one treatment hypothesis, perpetual trials test multiple treatments simultaneously, accelerating the development of the most promising by allocating more patients to them. Since the platform is “always on,” there are no startup costs or trial delays, and costs are amortized across all active hypotheses.

Average study costs drop dramatically per participant, and a studies require far fewer patients. Instead of recruiting the best patients to test a drug, xCures seeks the best drugs for each patient. There are no inclusion/exclusion criteria and no “standard of care” control arms. xCures puts patients first — an idea whose time has come.